Bleach Bypass iPhoneography App

Bleach Bypass

My iPhone is filled with over 150 photography apps. You could say I am a little addicted to iPhoneography and the simplicity of shooting and editing images from the best pocket camera.

Once in a while there comes an app that stands out because of its creativity and appeal. A couple of weeks ago I grabbed the ‘Bleach Bypass’ app by fotosyn. It’s a nice, clean and simple app that is easy to use. It replicates the traditional photographic technique of┬áthe partial or complete skipping of the bleaching function during the processing of colour film. By doing this, the silver was retained in the emulsion along with the color dyes. The result was a black and white image over a color image. The images usually would have reduced saturation and exposure latitude, along with increased contrast and graininess. The Bleach Bypass app does an incredible job of matching these results. Here are a few example images I have created using Bleach Bypass:

My cat Pixel waiting for food.

My cat Pixel waiting for food.

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab

This image was featured on a local TV news program that has a 'photo of the day' feature.

This image was featured on a local TV news program that has a ‘photo of the day’ feature.

The app is available on the app store, follow the creators on Twitter @fotosyn and @bleachbypassapp for more information.


A Brief Visual History of Instagram

I joined Instagram back in November 2010 shortly after its release in the app store. I have used it every day since and enjoy the creativity of the community that contributes on a regular basis. This week I fear for the app and the future of that creativity. I can only hope that Facebook will do what they promised in their statement and leave the app alone.

Here is an interesting info graphic documenting the brief history of Instagram from birth to being swallowed up by Facebook…