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Creative Director, photographer, videographer, loving husband and co-creator of an amazing daughter.

In the book of life the answers aren’t in the back.

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  1. I doubt you’ll ever need any, man, but let me know if you ever need any help. I’m always interested in collaboration. Especially if it involves furthering the creative actions of the universe. Still love those waxwings. Are you located in Canada? What part? My mother is full French Canadian and still I have yet to return to the physical location of those roots. I look forward to the day, however!

    For some reason, your little icon looked like this guy from the show The Pitch!

    • themanwho66

       /  May 6, 2012

      Thanks for your comments, and for visiting my blog. I am in Canada, I live in Edmonton, Alberta.

      That’s funny, I remember that guy from the show. The icon is supposed to be me. I used the avatar creator app on my iPhone. It kind of looks like me, bald with glasses and an Apple t-shirt. lol

      • Oh, Apple. I feel like this is the start to a long diatribe about creating a culture of ubiquity. However, I am sure we both participate constantly. haha… I am sure Kalle Lasn will haunt us if he ever passes, but I hope he is preserved… I’ve always wanted to visit Edmonton! Do you like it? Are there great differences in the Provinces as there are in our states here?

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