Social Media Can Be Annoying. To Some.


The world of social media can be a funny place at times. To me it is a way of finding out information based upon my likes and interests and making a few ‘virtual’ friends along the way. I apologize in advance if I have broken social media etiquette and used more than two hashtags per post. I will be mindful of this in the future as I don’t want to upset any of my followers. Yes, I have been unfollowed because I used more than four hashtags in a post. If you are that upset by this then you seriously have some major issues. #Get #Over #It.

I used to use the PaperLi service to produce a daily Twitter ‘newsletter’ of favourite and relevant tweets until I was told by the editor of a prominent Apple magazine to stop as it ‘clogged his feed’. As a reader of his magazine for many years I was surprised as I thought that spreading news and information was one of the uses of Twitter. Way to alienate your readership.

I will soldier on despite these virtual slaps on the wrist, learn from my mistakes and become a better Twit.

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